FireShield Roller Shutters

Heavy duty manual or electrical operated steel roller shutters Optional

Hatch Doors

47mm thick door-leaves formed from 1mm electrogalvanised (zinc-coated) steel


A center opening, double-leaf, sliding steel doorset or single

The Complete Door

Proprietary frames come complete with concealed door closer, hinges,

AirLock / AirKeeper

Proprietary Air Seal System incorporated into door frame Drop seal


Frameless Utility/Riser Doors Proprietary concealed door frame and concealed pivot

Blast Resistant

Blast proof doors are designed to withstand high pressure


Our customisable stone/metal-cladded steel doors are durable and give

Double Egress

Equal Double-leaf Steel Doors that allows emergency egress in


High-performance sound reducing doors, engineered to prevent a specific amount


Affordable Light Duty Steel Door Precise factory prepared fittings for


Heavy Duty Steel Door Up to 3000mm in height Sound attenuation

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