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Why Steel instead of Timber?



Steel doors, unlike timber doors, do not retain or absorb moisture and therefore will not twist or warp when exposed to humidity of the environment. This also guarantees that steel doors are free from termites, fungus and other pests. Steel is also significantly more resistant to physical damage than timber. Steel doors can be used in commercial settings, industrial buildings, homes, storage facilities, and more. They can keep any building secure for many years because steel can last a lifetime.



With a melting point well over 1000 degrees Celsius, steel offers much better protection against fire than timber, which is itself a fuel for the fire. Why use something flammable to protect yourself from a fire?



With modern powder coating and laminate techniques, Tacam Steel can provide all the durability and fire protection benefits of steel with the aesthetics of a variety of surfaces, even timber grain. The strength of our steel doors even allows you to clad them with stylish tiles, stone or glass , something which timber doors cannot do.

Our Products

From fire-compartmentalization and security to acoustic dampening and blast resistance, Tacam Steel’s specialist metal doors are engineered with the highest standards in precision, strength and quality. Tacam Steel has established a reputation in the Singapore market as a trusted supplier of steel door and metal door for all commercial, home, and industrial businesses. With over 50 years of experience in manufacturing metal doors and steel doors in Singapore, Tacam Steel has created a unique position due to its supreme quality, durability and trend setting designs.

Tacam also offers standard off-the shelf doors with a variety of ironmongery, sizes and finish for small businesses and home owners.

Tacam works with accredited test facilities across the globe to ensure that all products are manufactured to both local and international standards of performance and safety, such as SS332, MS1073, BS476 and EN1634. Tacam also has numerous in-house testing facilities, such as an acoustic testing chamber, fire testing ovens & a cyclic reliability test lab, which allows Tacam to continuously improve its product range and offerings.

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Tacam Steel’s products can be found in many iconic buildings around the world, testament to our versatility and commitment to excellence.

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Changi Jewel, Singapore
The Exchange 106 @ Tun Razak Exchange, Kuala Lumpur
The Shard, London
Changi Jewel, Singapore
Changi Jewel
    • Singapore
  • The Exchange 106 @ Tun Razak Exchange, Kuala Lumpur
    The Exchange 106 @ Tun Razak Exchange
    • Kuala Lumpur
  • The Shard, London
    The Shard
    • London
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    Our strong focus on R&D and use of state of the art technology allow us to continuously improve the performance and manufacturability of our products.

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    Tacam has been featured prominently in the newspapers as well as by the Singapore Manufacturing Federation.