Fire Door Asset Management System

The FDAM (Fire door Asset management) application from Tacam offers value added service beyond installation to Building owners in terms of maintaining and servicing the fire doors in accordance with SS332:2018 & SCDF Code of practice. The Maintenance as a Service (MaaS) offers compliance checks, maintenance for wear and tear from exposure to elements and long-term use, upgrades as necessary and providing auditable records

Fire doors are critical assets for buildings and their inspection, maintenance and upkeep is important for public safety. There have been lapses noted in recent history of fire doors failing compliance to SCDF’s Code of Practice due to poor maintenance. The sheer number of buildings, fire doors and details (fire ratings, ironmongery, date of manufacture, door location, etc) would be untenable without a modern technologically enabled system ready to receive and manage the huge volume of data.

To FSMs and Property Managers - Let us help you start on your compliance journey, if the doors were supplied by us .
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